Jamstone Sound trip pon di Gully side..!

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01. Up Like 7 (Jamstone Remix)
02. Sick Like Flu (Jamstone Remix)
03. So Bless (Jamstone Remix)
04. Dem A Talk (Jamstone Remix)
05. Gangsta Nuh Play (Jamstone Remix)
06. Weh Dem A Do (Jamstone Remix)
07. High Life (Jamstone Reggae Remix)
08. Swing On (Jamstone Reggae Remix)
09. Push Broom (Jamstone Reggae Remix)
10. Take It feat. Karian Sang (Jamstone Reggae Remix)


01. (2015) Pronutro Riddim released by Most Wanted Records
02. (2015) Bang Bang Riddim released by Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope
03. (2013) Twerk It Riddim released by Riva Nile Productions
04. (2011) Cleara Riddim released by DJ Frass
05. (2010) Movie Star Riddim released by Chimney Records
06. (2010) Shoot Out Riddim released by John John Records
07. (2014) Soulful Spirit riddim released by Irie Ites Records
08. (2012) Rockin' Riddim released by GT Muzik
09. (2015) Sweet Aroma Riddim released by Princevibe & Kalibandulu
10. (2012) Just For You Riddim released by Splatter House Records & Paradise Recordings

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